August 3, 2016

Maybelline Top Selling Makeup

August 3, 2016
If you're a makeup freak, I'm sure you have heard a makeup brand named Maybelline .  It is hard for you not to know their existence as the advertisements are everywhere .  Unless you rarely watch tv or flip the magazines, that one I understand .  Maybelline has been a well-known beauty brand in the industry for quite some time and women love adding their products into their makeup bag at home . But, have you ever wondered what are the top selling products that they usually purchase from Maybelline ?  Is it the foundation ?  Or is it the eyebrow mascara ?

Let's find out together ! 

Lipsticks .

Maybelline lipsticks have always been the top product selected by women every time they shop at Maybelline.  Why? Maybelline has never failed to offer new exciting types of lipstick and shades for women to enjoy at a very affordable price. From shiny effects to matte lipstick, you definitely have a wide selection to choose from depending on your beauty preference.

Example of Maybelline lipstick collection :
Color Sensational Vivid Matte Lipstick

Color Sensational Rosy Matte Lipstick

Color Sensational Lip Gradation

Color Show Mattes Lipstick

Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Lipstick

Color Sensational Bold Matte Lipstick

Color Sensational Lipstick

Color Sensational Red Porcelain Lipstick

Watershine Pure Lipstick

I'm too a HUGE fan of their lipsticks .  One of my favourite is definitely Velvet Matte Liquid Lip Color in color code Mat 12 (because it gives me that Kylie Jenner look so I can do that pout thingy all day . LOL) .  I love this colour, and even more, I love that this one is a matte finish but it's not too dry.  It's my favourite shade right now .

Velvet Matte Liquid Lip Color

Eyeliner gel .

Maybelline has made life easier for all of us by introducing their eyeliner gels .  They have been one of the best - selling products as they are easier to apply compared to liquid eyeliners .  Besides that, the eyeliner gel is also waterproof so you won’t be having smudgy eyes the entire day.  If you're into some dramatic eyes kinda look, this eyeliner gel is definitely a must - have beauty item to add into your beauty wish list !

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Mascara .

Mascara !  I'm so excited !  I mean, who doesn't, right ?  One of the best mascara from Maybelline is the Magnum Barbie lash which creates that fluffy lash look with extreme length. You will definitely feel confident from day to night when you doll yourself up with that mascara .  Not only that, there are also other types of mascara from the brand which you could also pick to suit your own style . Believe me when I say you'll look like you're having an eyelash extensions when you apply their mascara !  I've tried myself and it works very well .  Extra points on that .

Magnum Barbie Lash

So, which Maybelline product is your favourite ? :)

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